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I initially trained as a designer draughtsman for English Rose Kitchens and the Premier Kitchen Manufacturer where I learnt the basics for well-made and eye appealing designs in furniture.


After 5 years I moved to a commercial interior design company, dealing mostly with businesses requiring reception, boardrooms and office designs.


All this was very satisfying as a career except for supplying me with the one thing that I was passionate about, that is working with my hands to produce the objects I was designing. So I set about learning the skills necessary to achieve this, which is where I am today.


25 years later and I’m still learning, still acquiring skills. As well as making stained glass I now also work with Warm Glass in developing kiln formed techniques, some of which are included in my designs, making them truly unique.

Artglass Designs

Whether it's a traditional or a contemporary work, we can take you through the design process from your initial enquiry to installation, providing you with as much help as you need.


If it's a subtle addition to a period property or a contemporary design for a more modern setting, we can provide you with something individual in this increasingly mass produced society, that enables you to express yourself.

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Tony Judson


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