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You made it.

  • The first session is usually about 2 hours. I guide you through cutting and shaping glass and then discussing your design and the approximate time it will take you to complete.

A typical course entails:

Work in progress

All tools and materials supplied


Suits all ages from 14+

*This is a method made popular by L C Tiffany at the turn of the century.

  • This copper foil method is suitable for internal use and gives the design a fine detail to any work.

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Here are some stunning pieces created in Artglass Designs' tuition workshops

  • Next we draw the design to full size and select the colours and textures to be used from the large range of stock.

  • Each piece is then accurately cut and shaped to size and placed next to the previously cut piece.

  • All the glass pieces are then individually wrapped with copper foil* around the edges and placed back on the board ready for soldering.

  • This next part looks difficult but because we apply a flux, the solder flows only along the line of the copper foil, giving a neat seam to join the pieces.

  • To finish off we wrap the entire design in a strong edging frame and apply 'hangers' if required. The panel is then cleaned with soapy water ready to take home.

  • When a more rugged external work is required we will use the more traditional leaded technique (as used in churches).